We work hard for the things we want and Lindley Haus is your new favorite shop to curate the closet of your dreams. Confidence is everything when styling the perfect outfit for a girls night out, date night, or your upcoming trip. We want to empower our customers by giving them the choices and ability to style (or not style if that’s not your thing) to feel good in what they wear.

About The Owner

After dreaming of chasing her goals of owning her own clothing store, Anna finally went after it and Lindley Haus was born. 

Since Anna was little, she’s always made how she dressed a priority. From messing around in her moms jewelry box and shoe closet, to building her own, Anna has enjoyed styling her entire life. Her favorite accessory is shoes and believes the limit does not exist when it comes to how many you can fit in your closet. 

The Store Behind Lindley

Lindley is a family name that dates back to the 1900s. Family is at the center of Anna’s life and she only felt right naming her store after something that she holds close to her heart. As a child, her mom displayed timeless photos of the Lindley family in their dining room. Each member is dressed to the nines in 1900s styled-long dresses. This certainly has held a core memory point for Anna and her childhood home.